Support The Film


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Imagine that this is like a wedding registry. But instead of cutlery and linens, you're buying walkie talkies, film permits, and time in the edit room. 

Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE contributions will go towards the following:

  • RENTING GEAR. Cameras, and lighting, and audio, oh my! 
  • THE SET. We're building the one-room set and it's going to be amazing. 
  • PROPS AND WARDROBE. It's important that this film be as authentic as possible in order to accurately represent the real life situations our military members endure. This means we need the right uniforms, weapons, and set dressing to make the world complete.
  • FOOD. We're starving artists. And a lot of the awesome people working on this film will be working for free. Please help us feed them. 
  • POST-PRODUCTION. Once it's in the can, we'll turn all that awesome footage into a sweet little movie. Editing, coloring, sound design - all those Oscar categories you may not fully understand (and which we're happy to explain to you.)